Ayurvedic skin/body type analysis

Look at yourself in the mirror, then check the responses that best describe you. When you are finished just submit your answers! Please answer all the questions.
1. Describe your physical frame.
Thin, tall or short, small boned
Medium, well proportioned
Thick, stout, stocky, well developed

2. Describe your body weight.

3. Describe your physique.
Prominent joints, under-developed muscles
Good muscles, athletic physique
Large boned

4. Describe your skin constitution.
Sensitive, slightly oily

5. Describe your skin constitution a little in detail.
Rough, cool, cracked, prominent veins, thin, fine pores
Soft, warm, fair, red, moles, skin eruptions, yellowish
Thick, prone to acne, cool, pale

6. Describe your hair.
Dry, curly, frizzy, kinky, coarse
Fine, oily, baldness, early graying, reddish or blonde
Thick, shiny, oily, lustrous, wavy

7. Which best describes your eyes?
Small, dry, dark, few lashes
Medium, sharp, penetrating, green, yellowish, light sensitive
Large, round, blue or brown, thick eyelashes

8. Choose one that fits the description of your lips.
Thin, dry, chapped
Soft, medium
Large, smooth, full

9. What type of teeth do you have?
Crooked or protruded
Yellowish, sensitive gums
Strong, white, large, even

10. Choose one that fits the description of your nails.
Brittle, ridged, cracked
Soft, flexible
Strong, thick

11. How would you rate your physical strength?
Low, poor endurance
Strong, good endurance

12. Which best explains your appetite and eating habits?
Variable, erratic, small amounts frequently
Strong, unbearable at times, persistent
Slow but steady

13. How would you rate your physical activity?
Very active
Less active , can be lethargic

14. How active is your mind?
Very active, restless
Intelligent, sharp, focused
Calm, slow

If you are...

VATA: You have a dry skin and a restless nature. Balance with warming, grounding ingredients.

PITTA: You have sensitive skin and a passionate nature. Balance with cooling and soothing ingredients.

KAPHA: You have oily skin and a calm nature. Balance with light, stimulating ingredients.